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      Hamburger DOM

      19/04/2018 / 03:00 pm / Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg

      The DOM is a piece of Hamburg's tradition and a guarantor for playing, fun, thrill and nostalgia. The term DOM goes back to the 14th centry when a gathering of dealers, craftsmen and jugglers, who…

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      Classical music

      Musik für Oboe

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Musikhochschule Lübeck, Lübeck

      The University of Music Lübeck (MHL) is home to around 450 students from all over the world. Where merchants once traded goods with goods, music is now playing: classical as well as popular…

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      Drawing together


      Drawing together

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Café GernGeschehen, Hamburg

      Hey everyone! We would like to invite you to draw and paint with us. Every thursday we meet in a cozy café in Winterhude to draw, paint and have a good time together. There will be a new theme…

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      Geführte Abendwanderung durch das Pietzmoor

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Pietzmoor Schneverdingen, Schneverdingen

      The Pietzmoor lies on the southern edge of the nature reserve Lüneburger Heide at Schneverdingen and today still covers an area of ​​about 2.5 km². Thanks to successful renaturation, the nearly…

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      Yoga für Anfänger - Yoga am Abend

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Steinkreis-ich.bin, Dahme

      Yoga in the evening in the wonderful space Steinkreis- I am. Entry possible at any time! Yoga in the evening in the wonderful space Steinkreis- I am. We will experience a relaxed…

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      Conventions, conferences & meetings

      Lokale Bildungskonferenz Lokstedt

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Bürgerhaus Lokstedt, Hamburg

      The Regional Education Conferences Eimsbüttel want to develop future-oriented, attractive educational offers for an international city society, improve educational opportunities and contribute to the…

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      Achtsamkeits- und MBSR-Kurs


      Achtsamkeits- und MBSR-Kurs

      19/04/2018 / 06:00 pm / Resilienz-Zentrum Hamburg, Hamburg

      Do you want to learn mindfulness? The eight-week course is the perfect way to do that. The special format of the MBSR course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) has been proven to improve your stress…

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